Tuesday, 15 April 2008

No metamorphosis here

I have discovered a new me!

I am, apparently, some kind of conspirator against the leader of the Liberal Democrats!

Most people who know me will be highly amused to hear this. But some guy from Somerset has become somewhat exercised about yesterday’s carefully worded posting.

I have tried to post a reply but it has not appeared on his blog. As important issues of principle are involved and some of his language is unfortunate (to put it mildly), here is my response:

Calm down Bob and consider a third option – that it’s a sincere attempt to provide some informed analysis of how the public sees the Lib Dems. We still have too little discussion of polls, what they mean and what we can (all) do better. The main message, which surely no-one disputes, is that Nick’s profile needs to be higher – but then he is still quite new in post! And we have all have a part to play in helping to lift his profile.

My blogs and the comments I have made on others’ are pretty supportive of Nick Clegg and what he is doing. For what it is worth, I have defended Nick and his /the party’s poll ratings. My blogs also make many suggestions as to how we can better promote our policies, some of which I have helped to develop.

Have a look.

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