Sunday, 27 July 2008

John McCain's double talk express

So John McCain’s campaign is trying to run some counter-stories on Barack Obama. No surprise there. The weird thing is that they’re breaking the first rule of creating counter-stories: tell one, simple, consistent story.

There have been two John McCains running this year: the maverick Republican and the true conservative -- two narratives. And whether it’s taxes or abortion or offshore drilling, he’s spent the summer flip-flopping.

Now the attacks on Obama cancel each other out! For further details, have a look at Jafapete’s weblog.

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jafapete said...

Neil, I think that part of the problem for McCain is that people like Karl Rove are running around trying out new memes every few weeks, trying to find the one that really does for Obama. (Evil bastards!) Hence the presumptuous, Muslim, terrorist, country club liberal who flip-flops...

It looks like the voters aren't entirely settled with Obama as a choice because they're still trying to get a handle on him, and the Republicans are also having trouble getting a handle on him too. He's too complex and too far removed from the mainstream for easy narrative-building, it seems to me. What say you?