Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Embodying his narrative

Part of Barack Obama's political narrative is based on his work as a community organiser in Chicago. The day before his inaguration - Martin Luther King Day - Obama called on Americans to dedicate themselves to a day of service.

Then he visited the Sasha Bruce House, a Northeast Washington shelter for at-risk adolescents from troubled families and helped renovate the temporary shelter in the upstairs part of the home. The project is designed to install curtains, lockers and energy-efficient light fixtures.

No politician and no person will ever be a paragon of virtue. But they all have to embody their narratives to be seen as authentic. Once again, Barack Obama showed us how it's done.

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Kate Kennedy said...

An Orator and a Gentleman.Obama brings the virtues of humility and compassion to his role and just maybe this will change the nature of the world stage. It is time.