Wednesday, 9 February 2011

UK Polling Report - YouGov shows AV and FPTP neck and neck

In this post, Anthony Wells of YouGov shows that support for the alternative vote (AV) is now running neck and neck with the current, first past the post (FPTP) system in YouGov polling. This follows a period of four months in which FPTP was in the lead. Wells shows how Lib Dem voters have firmed up in their support for AV and Conservative voters' opposition has softened.

One group he doesn't comment on is Labour supporters whom, I believe, will be critical in determining the result of the AV referendum. They still prefer FPTP, by a 44% to 37% margin, down slightly from the 12% margin last October.

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David Boothroyd said...

YouGov do not use the actual question which will be on the Referendum papers, but a formulation of their own which includes mentioning the fact that the referendum is being promoted by the Coalition Government. Other pollsters who use the actual question have shown a significant difference with the Yes vote being higher.

Anonymous said...

I'm still undecided which way I want to go. Not really sure if AV is much of an improvement over FPTP, certainly not enough to go through a costly reform.

I would have preferred a two question referendum, but I'm starting to lean towards voting for AV, mostly because of the way the Labour peers have behaved!

George Potter said...


The main reason to vote for AV is because it's an improvement on our current system and a stepping stone to PR.

Neil Stockley said...

@David Boothroyd

I hold no brief for any particular polling organisation, but YouGov at least describe the voting systems on offer - i.e., the issues that will be campaigned and voted on. I'd be interested to see which results you refer to, and how they break down by current party support.